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🌸 What Florals are in season during June? 🌸

As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, the beauty of flowers is in full bloom. June is a month of new beginnings, vibrant colors and gorgeous blooms. The season of weddings, graduations, and outdoor events, June is the perfect month for celebrating with beautiful flowers. Let's take a look at some in-season florals for the month of June.


Peonies are the epitome of early summer blooms. They come in a wide range of soft, delicate colors like pink, coral, and white, and have a lovely fragrance. They are perfect for wedding bouquets and centerpieces, as well as for any event that requires a touch of romance.


Roses are a classic flower that never go out of style. They come in many colors, and their sweet scent is associated with love and happiness. June is one of the best months to find the most exquisite, fragrant roses available.


Delphiniums are tall and elegant and come in a variety of shades like white, blue, and purple. They are perfect for adding height and drama to any floral arrangement or bouquet. Delphiniums also make stunning centerpieces when paired with complementary colors.


With their big, bold petals and delicate centers, poppies add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any arrangement. These bright and cheerful flowers are available in shades of red, pink, and orange.


The Iris blooms in June and comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, purple, and white. This elegant, tall flower is ideal for creating a vibrant and colorful bouquet or adding a touch of sophistication to any centerpiece.


Lavender is a wonderful addition to any bouquet or centerpiece due to its enticing fragrance and lovely purple color. These are perfect for outdoor weddings and garden events, adding a tranquil element to any occasion.


Ranunculus are delicate and romantic flowers, often used in bouquets and centerpieces due to their unique shape. These beauties come in a variety of shades and can easily complement any color scheme.

June has something to offer everyone. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, graduation, or simply the beauty of summer, these in-season florals will not disappoint. Experiment with different colors and combinations to create stunning bouquets and arrangements that capture the essence of this wonderful season.

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