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As our world changes, so does our way of celebrating. With limited time in our lives, Teresa James has the goal of providing brides and grooms with the most luxurious and affordable flowers in the most convenient way. By removing the floral discussions for those flexible couples who know their style and colors, we have created an online Smart Bride Guide to make your floral ordering easy and convenient. The guide provides style and color choices, is pick-up only, and allows you to choose your floral quickly and affordably while having the luxurious quality that everyone deserves on their special day. 

Browse our selections and start building your bridal floral order in the Floral Shop now section.  

**Please note that Bride Guide orders are pick-up only.**

Looking for custom?

Please note for custom orders there is a minimum budget of $1400 & a $100 deposit.

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Online Bridal Ordering

1) Step 1 - Choose your style


2) Step 2- Choose your items

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3) Choose your colours


4) Upload your inspiration


5) Checkout! - Done!


What can i expect to pay?

Since each bride is unique, this price will vary. Choose your items in our bridal floral shop to get a price on your specific florals.

Do you do custom orders?

we take that through our email system, which we will respond with a custom quote if you send us as much information as possible. Our custom weddings, including set up, do start at $1,400 with a $100 nonrefundable meeting deposit.

Where do i pick-up?

You can pick up your order at Urban Market 1919 ( 330 Lemarchant Rd)  anytime between 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Does season affect availability?

The season definitely does affect the type of florals that are available, and that's why we 
suggest to brides who are okay with just going with their color theme to put their favorite flowers into the additional comments, and we will do our best!

Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping on Bride Guide orders. Orders are pick-up only.

The reason for the bride guide is to reduce pricing on luxurious florals by cutting back on consultations and deliveries. 

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